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President's Message
​Board of Directors Message

I am writing this column to members of the Ohio Valley Chapter of APICS. Our chapter has the typical organizational format that most companies have. President, Vice President, VP –Education, VP—Programs, VP—Publicity, VP—Membership, Secretary and Treasurer. We also have a Board of Directors. Below is an outline of some of the duties of our Board.  

Functions, Duties and Structure of Ohio Valley Chapter Board of Directors To attend monthly meetings, actively participating and owning actions as required. Members shall assume committee assignments as requested by the President.

To be responsible for the establishment of policy for the Chapter. Board members shall be responsible for the management of the affairs and activities of the Chapter.
All members of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to vote on all matters before the Board.
Members of the Board shall consist of the elected officers of the Chapter and appointed members.
Members shall be appointed for a term of one year, to run concurrently with the Chapter fiscal year.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to get involved in your local APICS chapter. Please contact any Board Member or Officer with questions or comments.

Greg Beck
Board Member, Ohio Valley Chapter